Zhongfanglian Donated ¥100,000-Worth of Special Education Equipment to Baihe Sunshine School

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Created on:2020-11-19 15:35

On Jan 16th of 2019, a donation ceremony was held in Baihe Sunshine School, which Zhongfanglian donated ¥100,000-worth special education equipment including sport rehabilitation equipment, 26 set of uniforms and so on. Zhu Zhijun, Deputy County Magistrate, Wang Xijing, Director of Education Bureau attended the ceremony, and Huang Tao, Deputy Director of Education Bureau presided over.




At the beginning of 2018, Zhongfanglian visited Baihe Sunshine School and expressed the willing of donation in order to help special education in mountainous areas with practical action. On Jan 16th, 2019, Zhongfanglian donated sport rehabilitation equipment and 26 sets of uniforms worth ¥100,000, bringing warmth and hope to the special children in the school. It is not only material help, but also great encouragement to those special children, which gives them wings to fly towards their dreams. The equipment will benefit in Sunshine School, improve the learning environment in mountainous areas, and promote healthy and rapid development of special education in Baihe.


School official guaranteed that the equipment would be properly kept and effectively used to provide good conditions for sport rehabilitation. At the same time, children will be taught to have a grateful heart, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-improvement, to maintain a strong sense of ambition, become a person with ability, to repay society.